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Welcome to Speech, Language and Communication Needs Additional Resourced Provision [SLCN-ARP]

In the ARP we endeavour to deliver a curriculum which is equally engaging and effective. Our curriculum is a be-spoked one, and encompasses the school ‘Character and Academics ‘ approach. It aims to develop students both academically and holistically, to facilitate their personal, social and educational development, to acquire the skills and knowledge they will need for a life in a diverse society.

It is design to match the needs of each individual student. It is flexible and aims to help the students fulfil their academic and social potential.  The areas our curriculum covers are: Literacy, Numeracy, KS4 English, Social Skills, Life skills Challenges [Asdan] which are delivered either in a small groups or one-to-one setting and can be adapted to the student’s individual starting point.

The ARP curriculum includes specialised, evidence-based programs for SLCN and the strategies & resources used are suitable for a variety of learning style, predominately for visual and kinaesthetic learners, as our students fall into these categories.

Key Stage 3

In KS3 our main aim is for ARP students to improve their skills, knowledge and virtues to reduce the learning gap between them and their peers. Therefore, the focus is on speech, language and communication as well as reading, writing, numeracy, and the virtues of tolerance, respect, honesty, resilience, focus.

In therapy sessions we use a wide variety of specialised programs and resources to develop their speech, language and communication skills to be able to: express themselves so people around them understand what they are saying, follow instructions, understand simple concepts, use simple grammar rules. They are expected to improve their vocabulary and organisational skills.

Social Skills is another area our students need to improve. We use Talk About program and we aim to develop students’ self- awareness, their ability to assess their own communication skills and decide on an appropriate course of action, their body language skills and their skills to develop and maintain friendships.

Literacy and Numeracy skills are the building blocks for accessing secondary curriculum and we endeavour to develop these skills alongside language and social skills. We use Bug Club program to develop reading for comprehension skills in an effective and enjoyable way. The program also helps students to develop their ability to formulate coherent written responses, write in paragraphs and structure narrative.

In year 9 , English is taught by our ARP Specialist teacher in preparation for KS4, and English Language SOW has to be adapted, using shorter version of the texts with visuals, questions have to be simplified [Blanks level 1&2 type of questions], the sequencing/ pace has to be adapted.

The Numeracy booster sessions complement the mainstream Maths curriculum and is based on each individual pupil level. It aims to improve basic Maths skills, to develop understanding of maths language in order to increase their confidence in working with numbers and problem solving.

Key Stage 4

In KS4 the focus is on application of skills and knowledge, exam language, career interview techniques and the virtues of: perseverance, motivation and ambition, confidence, community spirit, optimism.

In year 10 & 11 ARP students are taught English by our ARP Specialist teacher. Our students follow the mainstream curriculum. All the SOW for English Language and English Literature [Macbeth, An Inspector Calls, Mice and Men, Jekyll and Hyde] used in ARP are differentiated to meet the needs of our pupils.

In KS4 ARP students are offered a Speech, Language and Communication option as the 4th choice. The specialist input aims for students to acquire the skills necessary for adult life. They should feel confident in using language appropriately and have the ability to apply in different settings. They should be able to talk to people both known and new to them, starting and maintaining a conversation, use formal language in college interviews. They should have also developed curriculum vocabulary and exam language to the level they need to make them confident and motivated to do their best in exams.

In the area of Social skills students will show their ability to be part of a friendship group, will be able to manage feelings, show empathy and resilience, demonstrate confidence in different social situations, motivation for achieving their best in life. Developing assertiveness, interview and verbal presentation skills will lead to independent meetings and college interviews.

Literacy and Numeracy Booster sessions will continue until students fulfil their potential. Students will be able to apply literacy and numeracy skills in real life as well as accessing GCSE subjects.

Students will be assessed for access arrangements for GCSE exams.

In KS4 for some identified students we are introducing Life Skills Challenges course offered by Asdan. The course aims to develop independence, travel, shopping, hygiene and organisational skills.

Curriculum Enrichment

In  Eastbrook , ARP children participate fully in all whole school, year group and classroom experiences. We believe providing a range of high quality additional learning experiences in the ARP supports our pupils for their future lives ahead. Every half term student will go on a trip where they will need to apply life skills like travelling by public transport, ordering food in restaurant, independent shopping. The trips are organised across all year groups, and offer the opportunity for students to meet with the other ARP students and develop friendships across years. The trips are funded by the ARP.

In school we provide break-time and lunch time safe social space with teacher supervision to encourage social interaction.


In addition to your child’s classroom teacher, ARP staff will set weekly homework for reading, spelling, numeracy. They will also set up subject specific homework to reinforce topics which your child finds difficult in lessons. APR students are expected to read daily. We use Bug Club which develop comprehension as well as reading. There are three homework clubs per week, after school when student can get help from ARP staff.

Career Opportunities

At the end of KS4, our aim is to empower our students to become good communicators, in order to access the career they aspire to.

We invite the career advisor to work with our pupils and parents to give information and advice on career options. The career pathway is also discussed at the annual review meeting.

Our ARP students are involved in visits and Open Days at colleges to enable them to make an informed decision on their career pathway.

Support for exams

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