Business Studies


The Business department at Eastbrook School develops subject knowledge and skills within the wider school ‘Character and Academics’ approach to curriculum. We use the study of Business to help pupils become organised, motivated and independent with excellent team working skills. Business skills teach students to be confident public speakers who are able to weigh ethical issues and debate and present arguments. These skills will make them confident in the wider world, and able to understand different perspectives and the differences between individuals.  They learn the ability to both respect and challenge differing opinions.

Key Stage 4

By the end of KS4, pupils are expected to be able to understand how products are designed to meet the needs of certain markets. They will be able to identify and describe these markets recognising their socio-economic and demographic variances. They will be able to identify the costs involved with product development and how to adapt pricing strategies and costings to maximise profits while minimising risk factors. This information will be presented in a piece of academic writing which will be referenced fully using primary and secondary research. In addition, students will complete an examination and a presentation.  This presentation of work is preparation for the units of study at KS5

Key Stage 5

The Btec Level 3 course in Business for KS5 contains many of the character virtues visited in KS4. Students will learn about fairness in the workplace and be able to make judgements of different moral and ethical scenarios. Students will critically examine the economy and its impact on business helping them learn why businesses make or need to make certain choices that may have ethical consideration. This will help them understand yet at the same time question the economic and political environment in which they live and that it is an evolving and changing domain. They also will have the opportunity to study accounting and this will require resilience and attention to detail which are transferable skills to the workplace and or university. Finally marketing will enable them to use creative business skills making them well rounded business student

Curriculum Enrichment

We have strong links with the brokerage and students are taken to the city to participate in workshops and mock interviews.  In addition, we annually visit the Institute of education to take part in games and tasks about ethics and sustainable business.


At both Key Stage 4 and 5 students have coursework and research elements to their courses.  These will comprise part of the homework tasks set.  Additionally, students will complete past papers and textbook questions for the examination elements of the courses.

Career Opportunities

Business Studies can support access to the following careers

  • Banking
  • Accountancy
  • Business Management
  • Insurance
  • Marketing and advertising

It also teaches a wide range of transferable skills for other careers

Exam Boards

KS4 OCR L1/2 Certificate in Enterprise and Marketing

R064 Examination worth 50% of the grade sat in December of Year 11

R065 Assignment worth 25% of the grade completed in Year 10

R066 Pitch worth 25% of the grade completed in January of Year 11


KS5 Edexcel Btec Level 3 Extended Certificate in Business

Unit 1 Exploring Business Assignment completed in 3 stages throughout Year 12

Unit 3 Personal and business finance Exam completed in May of Year 12

Unit 2 Developing a Marketing Campaign – 9 hour controlled assessment January of Year 13

Unit 8 recruitment and Selection completed by end of Year 13

Support for exams

KS4 – the most useful additional resources are GCSEPOD and BBC bitesize

KS5 –


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