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Welcome to ECS at Eastbrook. ECS has been designed to foster model citizenship for the 21st century Britain with focus on the values of Tolerance, Democracy, rule of law and freedom of speech for which the students are to gain preparation for the real world. Students are expected to develop their interdependent learning through classroom debates, researching and completing tasks outside of the classroom. Further skills in persuasive and argumentative writings, empathetic dialogues, social and community base actions.

Key Stage 3

Within KS3, each year group follows a continuous learning cycle of Relationships, Healthy Livings and The Wider World. This allows us to begin in Year 7 with fundamental concepts and issues while advancing through the constructivist stages of learning with further complexities in Year 8 and 9.

KS3 focuses on the ideas of relationships, feelings and appropriate behaviours, self-confidence and self-awareness, rules and routines, empathy and restorative justice.

As elements of life long skills, the importance of maintaining an equilibrium emotionally, mentally, physically and socially is embedded into our teaching of ECS as a means to prepare our students of independent adult life. The Life Long skills that are developed throughout the study of ECS are: teamwork, discussion, debating, questioning, decision making, and resilience.

Curriculum Enrichment

As part of the personal development curriculum of Eastbrook School, ECS provides further enrichment activities through termly workshops with many of our external partners such as ChainReaction and Brook. Additionally, ECS works in partnership with HOYA and SLT to address concerns regarding issues affecting students such as online safety, communication and behaviour. These are further reflected in external workshops and trips.

Lastly, ECS helps to organise the student voice in the school through the School Council. This is a weekly meeting between voted candidates and their HOYP in which students help formulate and discuss solution to raised concerns and problems from students in their year group.


Homework is delivered via the school’s Students are expected to complete homework task set by their individual teacher to the sum of additional research and project base learnings outside of the classroom. Homework set in ECS is designed to foster understanding and dialogue about topics covered and will be taught in their lessons. It is also designed to enable parents and carers to understand the topics taught and allow for discussions within the home to occur so as to encourage inclusion and participation of parents in the education of their children.

Career Opportunities

The exposure to terminologies and concepts from KS4 subjects such as Citizenship, Sociology and Religious Studies should prepare students for those subject. These subjects are covered through the study of poverty, education, religious beliefs, democracy and politics.

Additionally, ECS encourages students to pursue careers in social science, social work, counselling, psychology, Health and Welling industries and coaching.

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