Message from the Headteacher

Welcome to Eastbrook School and what will be your educational journey of discovery, success and belonging.  Thank you for choosing to take this journey with us and becoming part of the Eastbrook family.

All pupils are given the opportunity and platform to work, study hard and achieve in all aspects of the curriculum, in and outside of the classroom.  We believe that all pupils should demonstrate good character in all aspects of their life and  our curriculum is built around our PROUD Habits, Principled, Resilient, Open, Understanding and Disciplined.  We are a School of Character which allows pupils to demonstrate these habits to offer a full and rounded educational experience.

We are very fortunate to have a very new school site, which offers some of the best teaching facilities in the area.  Our science labs, art and photography classrooms, technology facilities, high spec music and drama facilities and equipment, and multiple sports halls and equipment are second to none.  All of which give pupils the best platform for high quality teaching and learning, where teachers are able to teach and learners are able to learn.

We have three key aims for all pupils that attend Eastbrook School.

  • For all pupils to strive for Excellence.
  • For all pupils to feel that they Belong.
  • For all pupils to have the platform to Succeed.

To achieve these aims we ask that all pupils are PROUD.  PROUD of the work that they produce and the effort they put into their learning.  PROUD of their achievements and that we have a culture of achievement where we celebrate the successes of others. And finally, but most importantly, that all pupils, staff and families are PROUD TO BE part of the Eastbrook family and community.

Pupils should demonstrate good character in all aspects of their life and our pastoral and academic curriculum is built around our PROUD habits.

To be Principled, all pupils are expected to behave in an honest and moral way. Doing the right things, for the right reasons at the right time.

To demonstrate Resilience, we support our pupils to be adaptable in difficult and challenging situations. Be in a formal assessment, an issue in a lesson or a challenging experience in their home life. By building resilience, we develop stronger, well rounded and independent pupils.

By being Open, pupils can contribute towards the greater good of the school and of the wider community.  Preparing pupils for a life outside and beyond school, and life that has, hopefully, been enhanced and enriched, by their time at Eastbrook.

Understanding means that you practice and develop intellectual curiosity and the pursuit of knowledge, embedding an appetite and desire for lifelong learning.  Not just in school and academia, but in subjects pupils are passionate about.

And finally, that our pupils are Disciplined. They are thoughtful and considerate of the way they act and the way they treat peers and staff, but also take responsibility for their own actions.

Our pupils are encouraged to work and study hard to achieve all they are capable of academically and of equal importance, to ensure that they become well-rounded citizens; who demonstrate good character habits in all aspects of their personal and professional lives.

Standards and expectations are high, we lead a distinctive learning community, and we purposefully and explicitly prioritise the development of students’ character and academic accomplishments in equal measure, so that they flourish as socially aware, skilled citizens equipped to take their place in society.

As an Eastbrook student, you will feel safe, challenged and listened to. We will provide you with learning experiences that will prepare you for your future. Ensuring that when you leave, you will leave behind fond memories and experiences that set you up with whatever future you aspire for. We will push you, challenge you and support you to be the best version of yourself.

So welcome, once again to Eastbrook School, and we look forward to joining you on your educational journey, and contributing to a  community that you are PROUD TO BE part of





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