A partnership

We believe that as parents and teachers we achieve better results for our children when we work together. To support this work we encourage regular contact. Our Senior Leaders and staff are around at the start and end of the day and are available for quick, informal chats. For those matters requiring more time then we advise organising a meeting through the administrative staff.

Reporting to Parents

Parent-teacher meetings are held in the Autumn, Spring and Summer terms where appointments are made for private consultations. At these meetings parents have an opportunity to look at their children’s books, be informed of present attainment and progress and discuss next steps in their child’s learning. In the Summer Term the annual written report is given to parents with comments and judgements based upon continuous teacher assessment throughout the year, and parents are invited to discuss this with the teacher.

Parent and Carer Views

As part of our school self evaluation process we value feedback from the whole school community. Children, staff, parents, carers and governors make an essential contribution to school improvement. Information from surveys, consultations, workshops and discussions inform our school improvement planning, which lists whole school priorities, sets high expectations and shapes the school’s curriculum, pedagogy and well-being. This process helps us evaluate our work and directly influence our future aims.

The link below illustrates the extremely positive views that our parents have about the quality of education and care at Eastbrook.

Parent View Survey

Adult learning opportunities

We run a variety of classes and courses providing opportunity for parents to engage in discussion with other parents and with professionals working in a variety of fields. Parents can attend classes that help them support their child’s learning, classes that provide parenting support, classes that lead to qualifications and thereby back to work, or classes that provide an opportunity to learn a new skill and relax in the company of others.