An enriched learning experience

Our broad and balanced curriculum is enriched in a number of ways to excite the students appetite for learning. We do this through a varied programme of visits, a menu of clubs and through the strong links we make with individuals and cultural groups.

One example of this is the ‘Brilliant Club’ which links our students with universities and through an extended learning programme gives them a taste of what life and learning at university would be like. They also get to work alongside graduates who guide our students to think at a deeper level and produce a dissertation as they would at university. Each year a number of our students ‘graduate’ through the programme.

In addition to forging strong links of this sort, we make the most of learning opportunities afforded by our London locality to visit the many museums, galleries and places of interest which are a short bus or train journey away. We also provide opportunities for our students to experience learning further afield, for example through the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme.

Although Covid has made providing the full range of extra curricular activities challenging, we are continuing to do what we safely can. The link below gives a flavour of the range of activities available at Eastbrook.