Message from the Secondary Headteacher

I am immensely proud to be the Headteacher of Eastbrook School . It is a very special school that provides an exceptional environment for young people to study and learn. It also provides the care, guidance and support that enables young people to develop into ambitious, capable and determined young adults. I hope that by visiting this site you will get an insight into the life of our school and what makes us successful.

Our school is based on quite straightforward principles:

  • That excellent behaviour is the foundation of success at school – we have a small number of clear rules and they are rigorously implemented; we don’t tolerate any nonsense.
  • That great teaching equals great learning – the commitment of our teachers is to deliver great lessons each and every day and that learning will be as exciting and stimulating as possible.
  • That developing the content of a young persons character is just as important as guiding them to achieve excellent exam results.¬†For that reason we explicitly teach character education and the importance of virtuous behaviour, along with providing a wide range of extra curricular opportunities that bring out the best in our students.
  • That our curriculum should allow all of our students to follow their individual dreams and ambitions. For that reason we ensure that what students are able to study remains as broad and varied as possible.

Our ethos and ambition for our students is largely summarised in the following statement:

An Eastbrook student thinks for themselves and acts for others.

I expect all of our students to show determination and perseverance in pursuit of their own dreams, and compassion, kindness and decency when considering their role as a member of our wider school community.

Thank you for visiting our website, I hope you find it interesting and informative. If you would like to find out more about Eastbrook or come to see us during the school day, please contact the school office and I will arrange a time for you to tour the school, see our fabulous new facilities and experience first hand what makes this such a wonderful school.

Paul Frith | Headteacher of Eastbrook Secondary School