School Uniform


School uniform is an important part of belonging to the Eastbrook community.  We believe that the smart appearance of pupils is an important part of their schooling.  We expect pupils not only to adhere to the full uniform requirements, but also to be concerned about, and take a pride in their general appearance, conforming to the standards laid down by the school. Pupils should remember that correct uniform must be worn to and from school as well as whilst in school.

If a child arrives at school in the incorrect uniform, the parent/carer will be contacted and asked to being the correct uniform to school for their child.


Main Uniform

  • Eastbrook Primary knitted jumper or cardigan (bottle green with two gold stripes).
  • Black tailored school trousers / plain black pleated knee length school skirt.
  • White polo shirt (preferably with school crest).
  • Black shoes or all-black trainers (no colours at all are allowed).
  • Plain black socks or plain black tights.


PE Kit

  • Green PE T-Shirt with Yellow school logo (Premier Schoolwear).
  • Plain black shorts, plain black sports leggings, or plain black tracksuit/jogging bottoms
  • Black plimsolls, or plain black trainers.


School Book Bag

  • All pupils require an appropriate green crested school book bag which is available from Premier Schoolwear.


Summer Uniform

  • Green and white checked dress (Summer term only).
  • Black tailored shorts (not combat style).
  • Summer tights/socks – white (if worn with summer dress).



  • Plain black tailored school trousers / plain black pleated knee length school skirt.
  • A range of these school skirts are available from our uniform supplier (Premier Schoolwear is online only ) and we strongly advise that they are purchased from here.
  • Jeans, jean style trousers, tracksuit bottoms and leggings are not allowed.
  • Eastbrook Primary knitted jumper or cardigan.   These are available from Premier Schoolwear.  Sweatshirts and hoodies are not allowed. Plain green jumpers from supermarkets are also not allowed.
  • White polo top (preferably with school crest) Crested polo shirt are available from Premier Schoolwear.  Other plain white polo tops are also acceptable. Shirts must be tucked in at all times.
  • Black shoes or all-black trainers. These must be plain black with black laces or a strap; no stripes, no logos, no white or coloured band around the sole. Shoes should be low-heeled. No board style, deck style, or canvas trainers are allowed; no high-tops or plimsolls (except as part of the PE kit).
  • Black socks or black tights. All socks must be black. Girls’ socks must be plain black and below the knee. Tights must be plain black, not patterned.



  • Pupils who wish to wear a hijab or other headscarf should ensure it is plain black, white or bottle green.
  • Headbands must be single width, plain black or bottle green.
  • Scrunchies, bows and all head-dressing must be plain black or bottle green.
  • Nail Varnish is NOT allowed in school.
  • Jewellery: Watches are allowed. However, no smart watches are permitted in school. Earrings must be studded or small loops. No other jewellery is allowed. The school is not responsible for any items of jewellery that may be lost on site.
  • Belts should be plain black, single width with no large buckles.
  • Pupils may wear any scarf or gloves / sunhat or sunglasses, on the way to and from school or at breaks. These must not be worn anywhere inside the school building.
  • Water bottle – please provide your child with a water bottle each day.



There is no need for any pupil to bring their own stationery as this is provided by the school.


Second Hand Uniform

As a school we collect uniform from families that have outgrown what they have. If you would like any items from our stock of donated uniform, please contact the office.


School Uniform Shop

Premier Schoolwear is online only. You can order online for delivery, or you can go to their large trade counter in Romford for their ‘click and collect’ service.