School Meals

A lot is asked of pupils throughout the school day. We believe that a balanced, healthy school lunch is vital to help make sure they’re nutritionally re-charged to work through the afternoon and able to deliver their best. Eating a healthy meal is known to improve concentration and the ability to achieve. That is why it’s especially important for pupils to eat a delicious, healthy meal at school.

Our kitchen offers a selection of freshly cooked meals which meet the nutritional standards set by the government. When designing the menu we aim to strike a balance between healthy foods and giving pupils the food that they like. We have increased the number of ‘traditional dishes’ and fresh food, which has enabled us to remove a large number of breaded, processed meat products.

Our award-winning team of menu development experts work with staff, pupils and parents to create appetising, healthy dishes that appeal to young tastes. Often these dishes are based on home favourites. Each is tested, refined and nutritionally-analysed to ensure it fully complies with all legal requirements and good food guidelines before being added to our school menu. All meals are nutritionally balanced, full of flavour, with carefully controlled levels of salt, sugar and fat and we are happy to cater for personal requirements whether it be vegetarianism,  gluten / dairy free or Halal – just let us know.

We take great pride in making lunchtimes at Eastbrook fantastic.



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