Who: Mr. Anderson’s Year 10 Media class. What: creating a tabloid newspaper front page. Why: as part of their GCSE investigation into the newspaper industry. Where: in the classroom used a suite of laptops.  When: Spring Term 1.

Students have recently been learning about some of the differences between tabloid and broadsheet newspapers and how the news production process works in general. This began with an overview of the journalistic process, centered on the ‘5 W’s’ that lie at the heart of any news story. They moved on to choosing the news, writing a low brow story, developing headlines and making decisions about the front page layout using Publisher. In effect, they’ve taken on the different roles of reporter, sub-editor and editor.

Top student Hayley Kelly said: ‘Playing around with fonts is surprisingly interesting’.

The group are working to a tight deadline and aim to be finished by half-term.