National Survey

Parents will recall that during the Autumn Term the school took part in a Covid testing survey coordinated by the Office for National Statistics. They are working with 151 selected schools across the country to help them better understand how Covid is transmitted and how it impacts on the school environment. This is an incredibly important piece of work in the fight against the Coronavirus, and we are very pleased to be involved.

On the 24th and 25th of March they will be conducting the next set of on site tests. My thanks go to all of the staff and students who have already signed up to take part but I would like more to be involved. Hopefully, now that we are all more familiar with the testing process, more students will feel comfortable taking part. Just like the in school tests we have been administering, these tests are quick and painless to complete, and everyone taking part can feel proud that they have contributed and made a positive difference.

There is some new information for parents and students to read about this initiative which I hope they find helpful.

Information Leaflet for pupils

Follow the link below to watch the brief video from Dr Maggie Steggall from the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital explaining the importance of the School Infection survey.

Importance of the school survey by Dr Maggie Steggall Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital

Follow this link to sign up but note that there is no need to do this again if you have already taken part. Please note it is is open to all Year groups except Year 11. and enter the code 101243 when requested

I hope everyone can see how important this work is and signs up to be a part of it.

Paul Frith

Headteacher – Secondary