Accessibility at Eastbrook

At Eastbrook we are totally committed to equality of opportunity for all, and ensuring that we account for the needs of those with disabilities in our policies and practice. With that in mind we commissioned an external audit to evaluate our accessibility arrangements. I am delighted to say that the results are very positive. Below is a message from the auditor which captures the essence of the report and there is also a link to the executive summary which gives a bit more detail. There are a small number of areas for consideration in the report and the first one we are acting on in the Secondary building is a redesign of our reception area to make it more accessible to all.

The Auditor stated:

You have continued to strive for equality as a school and this is inherent in your policies and curriculum planning. Promoting equality and diversity in education is essential for both teachers and pupils. The School’s aim is to create a classroom environment where all our children can thrive together and understand that individual characteristics make people unique and not ‘different’ in a negative way. Promoting equality and diversity in the classroom need not be a challenge and is something that all children should be familiar with from an early age.

They also talk about how this is achieved by:

•          Setting clear rules in regards to how people should be treated.

•          Challenging any negative attitudes.

•          Treating all staff and students fairly and equally.

•          Creating an all-inclusive culture for staff and students.

•          Avoiding stereotypes in examples and resources.

•          Using resources with multicultural themes.

•          Actively promoting multiculturalism in lessons.

•          Planning lessons that reflect the diversity of the classroom.

•          Ensuring all students have equal access to opportunities and participation.

•          Making sure that learning materials do not discriminate against anyone and are adapted where necessary, e.g. large print or audio tape format.

•          Using a variety of teaching methods.

•          Using a variety of assessment methods.

•          Ensuring policies and procedures don’t discriminate against anyone.

We are very proud that the audit recognised and complemented our commitment to inclusion and access for all

Click here to see the executive summary