Maths At Play

During our Maths lesson, Year Three pupils used their playground to explore the concept of perimeter and measure. They used a variety of measuring devices a ruler, a measuring tape, a meter rule and even a trundle wheel in order to attempt the task.  First, the pupils thought they should use the ruler, but that was very difficult because of the length of the ruler. Then, after a discussion,  the learners decided the meter rule seemed a better choice but for an accurate measure this still proved a little tricky.  The Year Three’s quite quickly realised that the trundle wheel was the best suited to measure the perimeter of the playground. Pupils set the trundle wheel to record the distance for every meter they covered. This meant they were able to walk comfortably around the perimeter while recording the data. Pupils displayed an amazing sense of teamwork and support for each other while working through this task. Fantastic work Year Three!