Eastbrook Sixth Form is a happy, ambitious, inspirational and inclusive place where students and teachers enjoy learning together. We have a clear vision for the school that is based on a broad understanding of what success looks like for our students.

To ensure this success we have developed a Character and Academics curriculum, where good character acquired through explicit character education and high academic attainment acquired through the study of key skills and knowledge in each subject area, are valued equally highly.

One measure of our success is that last year, every student that applied to University got a place on courses such as: Law, Psychology, Social Care, Biology, Forensic Science, Drama, Film Studies, Criminology, Digital Media, Zoology, Business. Most of our more able students are moving towards more academic pathways with applications to medicine and dentistry. Each year we ensure all our students are guided and supported into University, Apprenticeships or Employment at the end of their studies.

When talking about their experience of Sixth Form study at Eastbrook, our students say:

You have more freedom.’

You are treated like an adult.’

There are different places to study like the silent study room or IT room.’

All the work set is relevant and worthwhile.’

You feel supported.’

Ofsted says:

Careers information and guidance are strong and lead to an increasing number of students entering higher education, including some of the top-performing universities.’

All the staff who work in the Sixth Form and at the school are committed to our clear vision and are driven by our shared understanding of what success for our students looks like and how we achieve that success together. We hope you enjoy finding out more about learning at Eastbrook Sixth Form across these pages.