Deutsche Bank visit

On Tuesday 25th April, Business students had the opportunity to visit Deutsche Bank in the city to learn about careers in banking and finance. Deutsche Bank is situated in a luxurious building with a fantastic array of original artwork on every floor as the Bank has invested heavily in art as one of its main assets.

We were shown to a huge conference room and students were served lunch and had the opportunity to meet with students from other sixth forms before beginning the tasks.

The day was split into three.  The first part was a quiz about city jobs where students learned that you can work in accounting and finance, law, IT and Insurance.  Following this, students met with volunteers from the bank who shared their experiences of work and what their typical day is like as well as routes into these jobs.


The final element was the trading game where students were split into teams and given a budget and were able to purchase stock in businesses such as meta and Spotify and then buy or sell depending on the news bulletins that were read out.  Although there was a winner the final totals were very close.


More opportunities will be coming up via the Brokerage which is the charity that organises these visits for us.