Year 8 Sports Leaders to the rescue!!!

With less than 24 hours notice 22 Year 8 pupils stepped up to help Mrs Nicholas as sports leaders and run the events for the primary sports day. During afternoon form time, Miss Harper told the year 8 helpers and with no surprise there was lots of questions and the main answer was ‘Don’t worry it will all make sense tomorrow morning’.

Roll on 8:30 Friday morning the Year 8’s had turned up to school ready to find out what was going to be happening. With 30 minutes preparation time, they had been briefed and shown how their event takes place, with a few practice runs, they were ready at 9:30 to welcome the pupils from the primary school.

It was a privilege to watch the Year 8 pupils step up and take a lead role in the events. As the morning went on they became even more confident in what they were doing for their event and they made sure all of the primary pupils were enjoying their experience at the sports day! Several teachers were surprised the pupils were only Year 8 as they were very mature throughout the day!

Year 8 Sports Leaders: Ryan, Adam, Sam, Ejiro, Jack, Evan, Hasan, Adedeji, Mohammed, Lilly, Nancy, Ryleigh, Emily, Shay, Renee, Sukh, Holly, Stanley, Tamara, Diana, Lily, Ela

Mrs Nicholas and Miss Harper are PROUD of you!!