Sports Awards 2022

2021-2022 has been a fantastic year for Sport at Eastbrook and we wanted to ensure we celebrated our students. This is the first time in the last 3 years we have been able to host a Sports Awards Evening and it was an evening that did not disappoint.

Wednesday 13th July saw Sports Awards happen and it was incredible to be able to celebrate our amazing students and all of their successes over the last year and show them how PROUD we are and give them recognition for all their hard work and determination.

The evening saw over 100 awards being given out to our pupils.

Congratulations to all our award winners!

Year 7 Curriculum Award – Grace and Andrew

Year 8 Curriculum Award – Wanissa and Corey

Year 9 Curriculum Award – Molly and Tameem

Year 10 Curriculum Award – Migle and Aaron

Year 10 GCSE/CNAT Award – Chelsea and Mert

Year 11 GCSE/CNAT Award – Amelie, Ria, Gracie, Bestie, Leigha, Rahad, Kacper, Ali, Molly, Lacey, Tasim and Rhys

Sports Leader Award – Rebecca, Heather, Georgiana

Basketball Award – Amiyah and Mert

Panathlon Multi-Sports Award – Grace and Al-Faheem

Panathlon Football Award – Katie, Nicol, Steven and Jaden

Powerlifting Award – Leigha, Ralfs, Darcey, Diana and Ali

Badminton Award – Blessing and Muhammed

Netball Player of the Year – Shaniyah (Yr7), Terri (Yr8), Eniola (Yr9) and Juta (Yr10)

Girls Football Award – Dalia, Praise, Amelie and Ria

Boys Football Player of the Year РArnaldo (Yr7), Teddy (Yr8), Etan  (Yr 9) and Nathan (Yr 10)

Athletics Award – Praise, Tamara, Alfie and Gloire

Contribution to Sport – Sophie, Evie, Deanna, Lexie, Phoebe G, Maria, Alessia, Lily S, Kieran and Reshay

Athlete of the Year – Tamara, Diana, Lilly L, Dalia, Etan, Shay, Sidney and Jack

Team of the Year – Under 14 Netball Team

Alan Kennet Award for Most Promising Year 7 – Praise

Brenda Goodwin Award for Best Netball Player – Darcey

Tony Adams Award for  Best Football Player РDumitru

Victrix Ludorum for All Round Best Sportswoman – Amelie

Victor Ludlum for All Round Best Sportsman – Bradley

Overall Sportsperson of 2022 – Dalia