Important – Extreme Weather Arrangements

You will be aware that on Monday and Tuesday we are forecast to experience some of the highest temperatures ever recorded in this country! We are very anxious to ensure that our whole community stays safe and healthy in these very dangerous conditions, so are making some adjustments to the normal school day on Monday and Tuesday.

On Monday, school will start at the normal time but students will be dismissed from school at 12.35 ( the end of period 3 ). Although it will be hot at this time, it will allow everyone to travel home while avoiding the highest temperatures which are scheduled for mid to late afternoon. Morning break will be extended by 10 minutes to allow all students to have a hot lunch if they wish to. It is essential that all students go straight home at the end of school to avoid being outside at the most dangerous times.

All of the previously circulated advice still applies while students are in school i.e. Sun cream, water, hats, etc. The link to our previous post is below.

Warm weather arrangements

Please note students should wear normal uniform and NOT their PE kit as this would leave them more vulnerable to sunburn.

As it stands these arrangements will also apply to Tuesday but we will review how things go on Monday and make any necessary adjustments accordingly. We will of course, keep all parents fully updated.

Thank you for your support in these extraordinary circumstances … and please stay safe