Warm Weather Arrangements

UPDATE  – Friday 17th 3.00 PM

We hope everyone has enjoyed sunshine – Please note that the arrangements below which were put in place for the heatwave will not be necessary next week. Students should still bring water to drink but hats will not be allowed and blazers must be worn. 

As you know we are expecting unusually high temperatures over the next few days. We are committed to keeping everyone safe and healthy in the circumstances so would appreciate our parents supporting the message below that has been delivered to students today

  • All students ensure they remain hydrated by bringing water to school and drinking regularly
  • They may also bring sun cream if they wish
  • They may also bring a hat but this can only be worn outside – no hats in the building!
  • Although physical activity at breaks remains in place, I would ask students to be sensible and not over exert themselves
  • Blazers are optional – students do not have to bring them to school if they choose not to. However, they may not wear jumpers, hoodies etc instead of a blazer. So …. It is either a blazer or shirt and tie with everything tucked in appropriately – and ensuring that they bring all equipment that might otherwise be in their blazer.

Please note that these arrangements are only for the remainder of this week at this stage. We will review them if the hot weather continues

Finally, the spirit of these arrangements is to keep everyone safe. The school still functions and any student found playing around with water, water bottles, sun cream etc and thereby disrupting the good order of the school will be dealt with through appropriate sanctions.