GCSE Results Day 2023 – Eastbrook Students celebrate

As many of you will know, grades awarded this year follow the 2019 standards and that is exactly what we have seen in the results for our Year 11, in line with the national trend where grades have reverted in line with what we saw in 2019.  Grades were higher in the pandemic years, as public exams were cancelled and grades were awarded on Centre or Teacher assessments.  At Eastbrook we have seen improvements in some key areas since 2019.

Staff at Eastbrook School would like to congratulate Year 11 for working so hard during the pandemic, we remember all those remote lessons followed by the reduced in school timetable, despite all this the Year group have done well.

There has been a lot of interest for our students carrying on to our sixth form, so today (Thu 24th Aug 2023) we spent a lot of time checking the entry requirements to make sure the courses were suited to each applicant.

The proportion of grades 9-5 and 9-7 have increased since 2019, and the proportion of five or more grade 5 as well as including English and Maths has also seen a significant rise.  Our Ebacc entry and Average Point Score has also improved.  Individual subjects have also seen successes going above 2019 outcomes, where results have fallen nationally across subjects back in line with 2019.

A few students had some words of advice for the next year coming up;

Stefan Onoiu, 10 grades 8-9 of which six were grade 9; “Persevere and nurture your raw talent, you will enjoy the satisfaction on results day”

Maria-Angelina Chihai, 10 grades 7-9 of which four were grade 9; “Do not get distracted, hone your talent and practice to get perfect”

Jewel Odoudo, 10 grades 6-9 of which three were grade 9; “Surround yourself with good people with a positive mind-set and good work ethic, you will benefit tremendously”

Nellija Arbidane, 10 grades 6-9 of which one was grade 9; “I am overjoyed with achieving so much here at Eastbrook, mostly appreciate the teachers who have helped me get this far”