Back to school guidance

Welcome to the new academic year … We hope you have all had a wonderful summer and we look forward to welcoming all our students back to school this week.

Although a lot of progress has been made with Covid and we go into this year with fewer restrictions on schools, it is important to remember that the disease has not gone away and we all need to be extremely careful and vigilant on our return to school. This web post aims to provide the school community with some guidance around the key procedures on our return.

Testing on return – All students who we have permission for were tested on Friday 3rd in advance of their return to school and we thank them for their participation. Our students will also be tested on the morning of Tuesday 7th in line with Government guidance.

Regular testing – Once we have conducted the two tests on site at the start of term, students will be expected to continue to test twice per week with LFT kits issued by the school. To keep our community safe, it is vital that they do so and also that they report the result through the emailed link.

Covid Symptoms – Any student displaying any symptoms consistent with Covid must not come to school. They should arrange a PCR test ASAP and stay off school until they receive the test result. If it is negative they may return to school. If it is positive they must isolate as guided by the test and trace service. Please keep the school updated regarding any positive test results.

Close Contacts of a positive case – You may be notified that your child has been in close contact with a positive case. Your child should isolate at that point and you will be advised to take a PCR test ASAP. Once you have received notification that the result is negative your child may return to school. This process is essential for us to minimise the rates of transmission in school.

Studying while isolating – If your child has to isolate, we will provide work for them to complete via Show My Homework which can be accessed directly or through our website.

Face Coverings – from September they are not required in school but this will be regularly reviewed and may change if transmission rates increase. Students may wear them in communal areas if they choose to but not in the classroom. Note they should always be worn on public transport while travelling to and from school.

Cleaning – I want to reassure all parents and students that our extended cleaning service will continue this year. The school will be regularly cleaned during the day.

Staggered starts and finishes to the school day – these will continue as an additional control measure. Please check these times via our website.

Local amenities – It remains important that students do not congregate outside the school before and after school. As such they are still not allowed to use the shops by the school on Dagenham Road at the end of the day.

Contacting the school – as previously, we ask that in the first instance parents contact the school by phone in the first instance to discuss and hopefully resolve any issues they might have. Only after this process has been exhausted should parents come to the school, and we ask that they do so by appointment whenever possible.

We are sure all of our parents understand the reasons for the steps outlined above and we thank them for their ongoing support. If you have any queries please get in touch with us