A Truly Inspiring Future Awaits Artistic Eastbrook Year 9s!

A selected group of Eastbrook School Year 9 students helped to deliver the multi-school borough Inspiring Futures, Iniva, A Space arts conference, held at Barking and Dagenham College on Thursday 10th November. The students had previously worked with these cultural organisations and artist Holly Graham, to artistically respond to the provocation of identity and wellbeing. They created a piece of work that was shared at the conference and contributed to empowering and amplifying youth voice within Barking and Dagenham’s Race and Social Justice programme.

The students presented their work to groups of students from over 5 schools and helped the facilitators to run the conference, leading on aspects such as grounding exercises, mind mapping and even descripting writing! As well as, of course, making meaningful art!

All staff involved were so impressed by the calibre of our students’ presentation skills and their sophisticated approach to the project. Here you can see the photos from the conference, which focus on the work our students undertook. Our students were:

Jaden Boateng; Wazid Chwdury; Lexie Day; Charlie Gladden; Tilly Gladden; Isabella Guy; Fatema Hassan; Rene’ Moise; Greta Pavlovskyte; Ana Luiza Rizescu; Raisha Timoteo; Parnian Zaerimotlagh.

Our students’ outcomes have since been published in a book called ‘Roots & Routes’.

Well done to you on your fantastic work. We are PROUD!

Mr Nathan – Head of Visual Arts