Toothpaste Trials (Part 1)

On Monday this week, Year 6 were met with the news that they have been chosen to take part in some toothpaste trials for a local cleaning company. With graffiti a growing problem locally and budgets being squeezed all around them, the children were tasked with finding out which toothpaste could be used to clean away some of the unwanted artwork in and around the borough’s public spaces.

Having initially been given 4 tubes – 1 x Colgate Whitening, 1 x Colgate Sensitive, 1 x Dentitex Whitening and 1 x Dentitex Sensitive – the children have established two aims for their investigation. The first is to ascertain which type of toothpaste, whitening or sensitive, is the best at removing things like permanent marker. Once this is established, they will investigate whether or not the big name brand – Colgate – is actually worth the extra money compared to the supermarket own brand toothpaste.

Before the investigation begins however, the children took some time to prepare the test subjects, ready to be cleaned before the end of the week. Keep a close eye on the website for part 2 of this investigation.