Cooking up a Delicious Storm!

Year Three pupils were busy in the school kitchen today cooking some delicious Caribbean food! They chopped, washed, stirred and marinated a variety of exotic dishes! They carefully followed recipes and made: jerk chicken, jerk vegetables, rice and peas, fried plantain and drank coconut water. The smell from the kitchen was incredible! One of the Year Five pupils walked past and exclaimed, “It smells amazing in here! You are so lucky to be cooking and eating such delicious smelling food!”

Later on, the pupils tasted their efforts and rated each dish out of five for taste. Everyone agreed that the spicy jerk sauce on the chicken or vegetables was a definite winner.

Year Three undertook their cooking exercise because they are reading the text ‘Gregory Cool’ during their English lessons and it is set in Tobago. Another pupil in Year Three said,  “The smells in this room are really transporting me to Tobago!” Well done Year Three on your great team work in producing such mouth watering food!