Sail Away With Me

With their Topic of under the sea, the children in Reception’s focus in Science has been the experiment of sinking and floating. They worked in small groups to explore how different objects and materials reacted in the water., they were even able to predict whether they thought the object would sink or float. They came to the conclusion that heavier objects sank to the bottom of the jug.

Before the construction of their boats, the children had to use their previous knowledge of materials to design their boats. They researched different types of boats, their shapes, and their features before getting to work on the drawings. Once the designs were complete it was time to construct! Using junk modeling the children were able to connect the materials to create their boats, with lots of proud faces as they persevered with this tricky task.

Time to test out the ships, the children nervously placed the boats on the seas to see if they had been successful in their construction. With a mix of smiles and frowns, lots of fun was had with this experiment!