Making Connections in Science

On Tuesday 14th March Year Three pupils took part in activities as part of British Science week, the theme this year being ‘Connections’. Pupils took part in a Lego construction workshop, whereby they had to think about people communicate with others around the world. The children were able to recognise phones, lorry deliveries, boats and computers and many more as methods of communication. Next for the challenge… the children were divided into small groups and had to represent their means of communication in Lego! There were some great models of boats, aeroplanes, postal boxes and many more! The pupils were able to demonstrate the school virtues of teamwork, kindness, creativity, resourcefulness and many more during the workshop. Their models looked superb!

Later on during the afternoon, to coincide with their Science topic of ‘Healthy Bodies’ pupils created skeletons of animals, using pasta shapes! Firstly, pupils investigated which animals were invertebrates or vertebrates. Next they looked at vertebrate skeletons of animals and had to guess the animal by looking at it’s skeleton, the children were very good at this game! They then worked with a partner or on their own to create their own animal skeleton. Can you guess by looking at their creations, which animal’s skeleton they have replicated?