Safer Internet Day 2024

Pupils in Year 6 were learning how to keep themselves safe online yesterday, and they took part in a a range of activities to celebrate national Safer Internet Day.

They looked at how technology has advanced over the years in devices such as; phones and watches. Pupils described how much we reply on our phones now not just to speak to each other but how they are cameras, calculators, screens and many more features. Pupils then predicted what could happen to devices in the future such as: hologram phone calls or projected images etc.

Next pupils looked at a range of app icons ( push notifications, streaks, loot boxes etc.) they described what the icon was persuading them to do and why they should be wary of some of the icons.

Lastly, pupils looked at online influencers and described who they liked watching. They created their own ‘kind’ post that they imagined an influencer may put up.