Local Places of Worship

As part of our Religious Education learning  pupils in Year 4, undertook an observational visit within their local community to identify places of worship. Before the pupils were ready to embark on this visit, they completed research into places of worship within the locality of the school. They were able to do this by accessing information from Google maps which allowed them to locate Eastbrook School, road names and other recognisable landmarks.

Once on their visit, pupils we able to identify a number of places of worship with close proximity of the school. Pupils used their knowledge of religious symbols to identify churches and mosques. They were able to clearly articulate the use of the qubba (dome), symbolises a Mosque and the use of cross, symbolises a Christian place of worship. Pupils were extremely well behaved and were very eager to locate as many places of worship as possible as well as sharing their own experiences with religious places of worship.