Let’s go to Pizza Express: appreciating different cultures

Year Five took a quick trip into Romford and were immediately transported and immersed into hearing, seeing and experiencing the Italian culture. Year Five were able to visit Pizza Express and had the opportunity to make a pizza, sample foods often used in italian cuisine and were introduced to a range of herbs and spices that would often be used in italian cooking. The children were understandably very excited and this was shown through their rich discussion, in-depth questions and focus when preparing their pizzas.

The Head Chef, showed the children a range of imagery and they had to identify two things: had this been used in the activity today, and what was it? It was great to see that some children knew, and even better that those that did not, were eager to find out more about these items. It is fair to say, the session was not only enjoyed by our pupils but the adults too. They too had the opportunity to make their own pizzas which were thoroughly enjoyed on our return to school.

A great morning developing pupils’ intercultural understanding!