Ladders & Snakes!

Year 6 are endeavoring to find out what is important to the many different religions of people in our local area. This week the focus was firmly on what is important to people who identify as Hindu.


One of the definitive beliefs held by Hindus is their belief in; Karma, Moksha, Dharma and Samsara.


To demonstrate their understanding of the concepts in bold above, they designed and took part in their very own games of Ladders and Snakes. Connected to the sacred role the snake plays in the Hindu faith, acts of positive Karma saw the players elevated to a higher number on the game board whilst a negative act would see them climbing down the ladder.

Each round of the game was considered part of Samsara Рthe soul being reborn over and again. Each successful game put the children one step closer to Moksha Рleaving the cycle of death and rebirth through living with good Karma, eventually becoming one of with the god Brahma.


Through this activity, the children were able to clearly show their articulation and understanding of the concepts discussed throughout the session.