Fun at Forest School

Year 5 have had a fun-filled time at Forest School this week. Despite it being rather cold, pupils dressed up nice and warm, ready to be immersed in all things nature. Pupils first had the opportunity to leave crunch. They were given time to enjoy being in their natural surroundings, playing and building with leaves. Pupils then worked their way towards the seated area where children were shown how to use loppers. They were shown how to use these safely in small groups led by an adult.

In year 5, they have continued to look at Victorian England as part of their English text ‘Street Child’. Pupils have discussed the types of games and toys that Victorian children would have had the opportunity to engage with. Whilst seated, pupils were given their own peg dolls, coloured-string and PVA glue. They had the opportunity to¬† design their wooden toy which children in the Victorian age could have had. Children were not only creative but also supportive of their peers as they helped one another when developing their ideas.

At the end of the session, pupils observed as Mrs Fernandes lit a fire. The children were able to comment on the safety precautions followed and why this was important. They were then able to sample some hot chocloate, and marshmallows that were heated using the open fire. Pupils showed exemplary behaviour and there were smiles from all.