European Languages Day

Toady at Eastbrook Primary, we had an amazing time in acknowledging European Languages Day. European Languages Day presented us with an opportunity to celebrate the phenomenal skills of being able to communicate in another language. Across the entire school, pupils proudly shared their skill and were also able to encourage others to learn a new greeting. Every child had the chance to create a ‘Language Lolly,’ which explained the different European language they are able to communicate in. In additional, each year group was given a supplementary activity to gain a stronger insight into the 24 official language spoken across Europe.

We began by encouraging the pupils to answer the register in their native language, if they had one, this really took off once we were able to overcome the initial shyness. Our pupils also learnt a ‘Hello,’ song which can be used to greet children across the world in a variety of languages. Pupils also incooperated their geography skills by using maps to locate different European countries. A true favourite, the chatter box, was used to encourage dialogue in French and ask questions. Some pupils employed theirĀ  research search to gain additional information into a chosen European nation. Our school virtues of kindness and curiosity were on display for all to see, with all pupils being extremely respectfully of each other’s differences and very encouraging towards each other. It was an extraordinary day where our bilingualists and multilingualists were able to proudly display and share their superpower!

Well done Eastbrook!