Chocolate Treats

Yummy chocolate! In Year 4, the pupils have had a fantastic expeience making their own chocolate creation. Once they completed their learning about the process of how chocolate is made they decided to try this themselves. The pupils used Fairtrade cocoa solids which were melted in the microwave. They had to constantly stir the mixture to ensure it remained in a liquid state. This was very difficult so they all took turns mixing. Next, the puipls poured the liquid mixture into the moulds and left them to solidify.

To make their chocolates really special and unique, they placed hundreds and thousands into the base of the moulds before the chocolate was poured in. They waited and waited and waited until their chocolates were ready. They eagerly popped them out of the moulds to enjoy the finished product. The pupils also enjoyed their chocolate cupcakes. The smell was amazing and the sprinkles made their unique chocolates creations even more special. Yummy chocolate!