Celebrating AAAW!

As it is Autism awareness and acceptance week the children in Reception have been busy learning and celebrating our beautiful differences by taking part in different activities. They spend Monday morning discussing how they are all different, from looks to likes, but this is what makes them unique and special. From this, they made their own jigsaw puzzle piece drawing that are important to them and that made them special. Every child in the school is creating a personal piece, which will be displayed to celebrate our differences and how we all fit together at Eastrbook school.

The children took part in a workshop put together by their wonderful teacher in Apollo, it was great to see the children engaged and wanting to gain a better understanding of how they can support their friends who may learn a little differently from them. They each created a ribbon making it personal to them, choosing funky colors and patterns. They also were gifted a ribbon to wear with pride to support AAAW!