Beep Beep Bethlehem

Eastbrook’s youngest learners from Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 battled through the mammoth donkey jam in Dagenham this morning to put on a spectacularly brilliant performance of ‘Beep Beep Bethlehem’.

The main road out of Nazareth was busy. Very busy. For Mary and Joseph, travelling to the little town of Bethlehem for the census, this meant taking the smaller, bumpy, winding road through the hills. Would they get there safely? Would they get there before Mary’s baby was born? And how would the Three Kings fare? Or the shepherds? Or the donkeys? They all wanted to see the baby too.

The children’s enthusiastic and showstopping narration, singing and dancing brought this traditional festive story to life right before our very eyes and the hall was adorned with almost ninety West End worthy actors.

This morning’s performance and celebrations shared with so many families from our Eastbrook community has truly been a highlight of this academic year so far.

Merry Christmas, everybody.