All things Tech in Year 5!

Today, Year Five received a very special visit from Tech Repair who are an organisation that look at sustainable education around science, technology and repair. Pupils were engaged in a whole class session that required them to work with a partner in order to troubleshoot, identify a fault and repair this using the tools provided. On this occasion, pupils were fixing a mini microscope which many had not seen before. Once fixed, the pupils were able to identify a suitable lense which allowed them to look at a range of objects and items around the classroom, under close inspecition using the microscope.

All pupils engaged well, displayed cooperation and demonstrated great perseverance when confronted with challenges. Pupils were able to articulate their understanding of what they were doing, the steps they had followed and to also extend this discussion by sharing information about things they may have fixed in and around the home previously.

As a bonus, pupils started to consider if this could link to their future occupations. Which jobs required problem-solving skills? What soft skills were involved i.e. focus, intergrity, determination and communication.

A great session that was simply enjoyed by all of Year Five.