A Ticket To The Greatest Show On Earth!

Today, Year 1 exited their summer term IPC topic, ‘The circus is coming to town’, with a bang. After enthusiastically making their own entry tickets to the Eastbrook Circus last week, the children queued patiently outside before piling into the Big Top. No ticket, no entry!

They found their ringside seats and eagerly awaited the Ringmaster’s introduction. The show that followed was spectacular and the children sat in awe taking in the talents of the acrobats, trapeze artists, fire breathers, clowns, jugglers and animal tamers. The whole room was filled with claps, cheers and gasps of amazement.

Of course, you can’t visit the circus without enjoying some delicious treats so the children were treated to sweet popcorn. Many of the children had even designed and made their own magnificent popcorn holders at home as part of their recent home learning. They were all bright and colourful- ideal for the circus and did the job perfectly because they managed to hold plenty of popcorn- for the short while that it took the children to devour it.

A perfect afternoon spent making precious memories for the children as they shared such a memorable experience together.