A ‘Good School’

As everyone will remember, Ofsted came to inspect us at the end of last term. We have been bursting to tell everyone the outcome but we weren’t allowed to until the report was published. We are delighted to inform everyone that it has finally been released and the news is fantastic …. Eastbrook is now officially a good school!

Pupils, staff and Governors have put so much hard work in over recent years and contributed to this outcome … it really has been a wonderful team effort. We have also been extremely well supported by our families throughout our journey.

Everyone involved with the school will recognise the big improvements we have made in recent times so we felt quite confident going into the process, but it is still very gratifying for a team of inspectors to come in for two days and confirm how far we have come and how well we are doing.

We want to reassure everyone that the hard work won’t stop here …. everyone involved with the school is totally committed to continuing the journey we are on and working towards becoming an outstanding school in the near future.

Click here to see the full report.