Year 9

A number of Year 9 students have been taking part in a 6 week mentoring programme after school. The programme TST (Tomorrow Starts Today) is being delivered by Mr Abraham Rufai from  Powerhouse Community Network, helping students plan for their future.

Session 1 allowed the students to identify aspirations – ‘Dream Big’, to let their imagination dream big and achieve.

Session 2 allowed the students to identify what makes good goals focusing on SMART goals, to turn the goals into success. In-depth discussions took place alongside some challenging questions to enable the students to think about their future. Students identified some personal goals for this term, good luck in achieving those!!

Session 3 gave the students support with how to achieve the goals, seeing what is possible, along with some problems solving activities for success. Students worked in groups to explore feelings they have when they achieve a goal and how desires help to achieve the goal. The importance of planning was explored, along with time and resources being identified as factors to help with achieving goals. Action was identified, finally consistency was addressed to demonstrate how habits can help achieve goals.

Nothing happens until you make it happen was the final message from this session.