VWEX Graduates!

Congratulations to the Year 11 EBK VWEX Graduates 2021! These students have completed a valuable week of online and in school seminars, with topics ranging from mindset and post-16 study skills, through to employability skills and applications, via a review of the World of Word and CV/ cover letter writing guidance.

Sessions were delivered online by organisations such as InnerDrive, the Construction Youth Trust, InvestIN and even the Department for Work and Pensions. All the facilitators were enormously impressed by the calibre of our students and the students themselves reported a high level of course satisfaction.

The students will receive a certificate which they can present to future educational providers and employers to prove that, despite the restrictions to their education and experiences caused by the global pandemic, their strong character and resilience enabled them to approach work experience in a different and productive way. Well done Year 11s! We wish you well and continue to be extremely PROUD of you!