National Covid Study – 2

National Covid Study 2

On Tuesday 1st and Wednesday 2nd December we will once again be welcoming the National Covid survey team into school to complete the next set of tests on staff along with students from Years 7 and 8. The first survey in October was a huge success; participation among students was high and the process was very quick and easy. As previously stated, this test does not involve the invasive ‘swab down the throat’ that parents may have seen or experienced – it is not uncomfortable in any way for the students.

We feel that it is important that we all contribute to this vital research if we are able to. The results will help the scientists build a more accurate picture of how Covid behaves and will contribute to the country’s response to the pandemic.

Currently, those who took part last time are automatically registered to repeat the process but I would urge as may other students in Years 7 and 8 to get involved too. If you would like to take part please register ASAP via the link below.

Below is a letter from the office for national statistics giving more detail about the process along with a helpful flyer.

Invite letter to Parents – Round 2

Covid-19 Schools Infection Survey Poster

Thank you for getting involved


Paul Frith

Headteacher – Secondary