Black Excellence

Members of our school community will be aware that October is Black History Month. Each year schools, along with society generally, use the month to educate themselves and others more broadly and deeply about Black History, but also to go beyond that to explore and celebrate Black achievement and excellence. This process reminds us not only of past injustices and inequalities, but also about the enormous contribution the Black community make to society.

A focus group of 17 students from across years 7-11 met and decided the change Black History Month to be now known as

Black Excellence

The student voices made it clear that there needs to be a focus all year round rather than a month’s activities. Their plans, for October, include calls for teachers to

  •  Adapt the curriculum – link content to context that supports the narrative of Black Excellence
  • Facilitate students’ presentation, of their research, on black people who have excelled in areas linked to the curriculum
  • Racial Justice Summit with Deputy Mayor Dr Debbie Weekes-Bernard – London’s lead for Social Justice.
  • Assign quizzes link to black excellence
  • Host assemblies
  • Use Character Education to educate and discuss Black Excellence
  • Form time activities
  • Host a concert & disco
  • Have competitions – poems; research; news article etc.
  • Black MP invited to speak

Beyond October – throughout the rest of the year

  • An expo covering the ‘past and present’ of black people’s contribution to nation building
  • Launching  of the History club
  • Trips

At Eastbrook, we aim to promote the contributions of black people in all curricula. Listening to our students’ desire for change, decolonising our curricula and presenting factual contexts to challenge stereotypes against black people, remains one of our focal aims. Black Excellence is not just for October but for every month of the year!

We are totally committed to equality for all and it is a central feature of the school’s development plan this year. Throughout the year there will be a range of opportunities for us to recognise and celebrate the wonderful diversity we have at Eastbrook and to ensure that everyone feels equally valuable and empowered.

The road map below highlights some of the celebrations and opportunities for us to raise awareness.

Equality and Diversity Road Map