The Heart

Year six have been learning about the circulation system and the heart in their science lessons during the last few weeks. Last week, they watched some short film clips of a beating heart and learnt how the blood enters and leaves the heart. They were then able to label a diagram in their books and describe the journey of blood in the heart, using correct terminology such as; aorta, atrium and ventricle etc.

This week they put the knowledge that they learnt last week into practice and made 3D models of the heart using play dough. Each group’s model looked very different from each others and they were all correctly labelled! Finally, at the end of the lesson came the exciting part – Mrs. Fernandes dissected a lamb’s heart. She cut it open to reveal the left and right atrium,  ventricles and chambers. The class were able to identify the aorta, pulmonary vein and capillaries within the heart. The children acted very sensibly and were engaged in their work.