Tantalising Those Taste Buds

Year 1 used their science lesson this week to learn that the tongue is the organ in the body which allows us to taste. They discussed how different foods were made up of different flavours and all were keen to share their preferred tastes and dislikes. One pupil said that the most amazing fact that they learned in this lesson was that our taste buds are part of the bumps on our tongues, but they are so tiny that they are invisible to the naked eye. Amazing! Others enjoyed learning that different taste buds on the tongue detect different flavours. For example, those at the front recognise sweet flavours and the ones at the back identify bitter tastes. Of course, no lesson about the sense of taste would be complete without some food tasting. Year 1 learners loved tasting a range of flavours by happily nibbling salted crisps, spinach leaves, parmesan cheese and spoonfuls of sweet, delicious honey. As some of the photographs show, we weren’t all so sure on the zesty, sour limes.