It’s A Pirate’s Life For Us!

Year 1 launched their new IPC topic, ‘Treasure Island’, today by throwing themselves wholeheartedly into a pirate themed day. During the unit of work, the children will be covering their key geographical learning objectives, including;

  • Locating and identify the four countries of the United Kingdom and its surrounding seas
  • Comparing the human and physical geography of a small area in a non-European country
  • Using world maps, atlases and globes
  • Using compass points and directional language to describe the routes on a map.

To get everybody in the mood, today’s activities consisted of a team game of ‘North, East, South and West’, showing off our balancing skills by walking the plank, making pirate cardboard tube people, listening to a great pirate story called ‘Penguins make bad pirates’ and finally, enjoying an interactive pirate experience using our NowPressPlay equipment.

I think you will all agree that the most precious treasure seized today has been the magnificent smiles that have been captured and memories that have been made!