It’s A Pirate’s Life For Us

Year 1 launched their new IPC topic, ‘Treasure Island’, today by throwing themselves wholeheartedly into a pirate themed afternoon. During the unit of work, the children will be covering their key geographical learning objectives, including;

·         Naming, locating and identifying characteristics of the 4 countries of the United Kingdom and its surrounding seas.

·         Using simple compass directions (North, South, East and West).

·         Using world maps, atlases and globes to identify the United Kingdom and its countries, as well as Europe, North and South America and the Atlantic Ocean.

To get everybody in the mood, this afternoon’s activities consisted of a quick adventure with ‘Santiago of the seas’, a team game of ‘North, East, South and West’, showing off our balancing skills by walking the plank, listening to a fabulous story called ‘ The dinosaur that pooped a pirate’, exploring valuable pirate treasure and artistically creating our own pirate hats.

I think you will all agree that the most precious treasure seized today has been the magnificent smiles that have been captured and memories that have been made!