Super fast journey! – Sociology

I just can’t believe how quickly these two years have passed! Our journey has seen you transition from an amateur ‘driver’ (of sociology) asking: ‘what is Sociology?’ – progressing through to ‘grand prix’ stage of asking: ‘to what extent is capitalism criminogenic?’

With a fiery checker flag start to the course, fuelled by knowledge on the units Family; Education; and Research Methods, we were supercharged to bring out the best results. Then came ‘lock down’ which forced us to make pit stops, leaving us pondering, how will we negotiate a break in momentum knowing we only had the final lap to go?

With lagging internet, virus conditions and everyone expected to apply social distancing, how best were we placed to complete the course without any more members? However, these amazing drivers pedalled their way through the Crime & Deviance text, asked probing questions, signposted relevant arguments, checked their mirrors for deeper analysis, before subsequently evaluating and expressing sociological knowledge, during discussions, via TEAMS.

Special credit must be said of the drivers who teamed up to share their findings on Theory and Methods. Your thorough, engaging and efficient coverage supported the crew and saved our tyres for the rest of the journey. Undoubtedly, you have earned your podium positions, Well done! And, for sure, Eastbrook looks forward when you return to share, with future cohorts, how sociology has impacted the rest of your career.

Respect and best wishes!

Mr Glanville.