Our online learning offer

From Monday 11th January 2021, students will be experiencing learning throughout the school day in a different way. Learning will be delivered online, ‘live’ through Microsoft Teams.

Teachers will teach students during the usual timetable slots – including form at the start and end of the day – although these will be at the slightly amended times shown below.  Students are taught the same curriculum remotely as we do in school.  Students are expected to follow the below schedule and will also be set some additional tasks to complete, through Show My Homework.

9.30am – 10.15am: Lesson 1
10.30am – 11.15am: Lesson 2
11.30am – 12.15pm: Lesson 3
1.00pm – 1.45pm: Lesson 4
2.30pm – 3.15pm: Lesson 5 – (where timetabled)

It is essential that all the students engage fully with this provision. There is no time to waste. Arrangements for subjects taken at NE Consortium Schools will be different and students will be informed accordingly.

Students are not expected to wear uniform when attending online, however they must be dressed appropriately. See the full set of expectations for online learning via the link here.

There may be rare times when certain lessons are not delivered live. This could be because staff sickness and absence, but there will be work set on Show My Homework to do during that timetable session.

If a child is ill, including cases of covid, and won’t be participating with their live lessons then their absence must be reported to the school, via the main office (please do not dial the option for the absence office).  If they are well enough then they can continue to learn remotely, or do get in touch via the school office for any further support.

The school will keep in touch with parents and students during this time through: live teaching sessions, calls made by the school team for absence from online learning and a fortnightly Performance Review with a follow up call made by tutors if any concerns arise.  Also teachers will provide feedback to all students through the Whole Class Feedback PowerPoint which all students are familiar with, this occurs twice in a half term.

Students should make sure they have the necessary login details and get ready to start learning online through live teaching on Microsoft Teams.  If you need your ‘show-my-homework’ reset, please try to get in touch with Ms Ellis at

Students and families can get in touch with Mr Hickman at, if they are experiencing difficulties with online learning, also take a look at our letters section for help with internet access.

We recognize some students will need additional help to access remote learning, some of whom will take up the in school provision as well as the usual support they would receive, please read here for some examples of work already undertaken by our SEND department during lockdown.

Students will use a variety of online platforms to learn remotely, but all lessons will be live through MS Teams.  The following notes will help you access online learning.

Accessing your school email

Your usual school Username: Your surname + 4 digit exam number (

Password: Default password is ‘eastbrook’ but you have changed this since first logging on



Password: you have set this already or use the reset button on the website