COVID-19 Information

Risk Assessment

Click here to view our whole school risk assessment. This was developed and agreed by the teaching unions and LBBD. The school then added items specifically relevant to Eastbrook in consultation with all staff. These are the sections in purple text.  Click here to view lateral flow testing addendum risk assessment appendix for lateral flow testing, which helps schools in the London Borough of B&D open safely to staff and pupils as of January 2021.


Letters to Parents

The letters below itemise correspondence between the school and home during Covid.

Progress Letter to Parents – September 2020

September Reopening Reminder – Update – 10.09.20

September Reopening Arrangements – July 2020

Letter Re: School Closure – April 2020

Lateral Flow Testing – 4th and 5th March 2021

Reopening of School 8th March 2021

Changes to Contact Tracing – July 21

Tracing Journey Slides – July 21

Covid Scenarios

Further to the guidelines from the Government and Public Health England we have put together flow charts outlining the actions to be taken in regard to situations relating to students and COVID-19.   Please click on the headings below to see the flow charts.

Potential Scenarios

1.   Student displays Covid related symptoms during the school day

2.   Student has returned from overseas from a country which is listed on the Government list of travel restricted countries

3.   Student has been notified through track & trace that they or a member of their household has been in close contact with someone who has tested positive

4.   A parent reports the outcome of a Covid test for student


Policy Addendums

The following policy addendums were developed as a response to Covid


School Attendance Policy – Addendum


Behaviour Policy – Addendum 2020


COVID19 – Safeguarding – Addendum


What is Test and Trace