Additional Resource Provision: SEMH (Access Class)

The Social, Emotional and Mental Health ARP, known as the Access Class, is a resourced provision for students aged 11-16. All at Eastbrook, ensure the children are part of the school community and play an active role in student progress and development. Through our Access Class, Eastbrook strives to improve every child’s progress in terms of both their academic attainment and wellbeing. This is achieved through personalised plans. Our teachers and support staff work with external professionals, for example, with counsellors and mentors, who contribute to each child’s developmental plan. Each student has weekly access to small group literacy and numeracy booster sessions. Wellbeing interventions are in place to develop self-identity, confidence and self-esteem. As part of these plans, we provide practical outreach opportunities, such as weekly gardening. Our students enjoy weekly visits to Wellgate Farm, which develop their understanding of animal health and welfare. The students work towards City and Guilds standards. Weekly mentoring through DT and Gardening allows the students to discuss aspirations, progress and wellbeing with their assigned role model.

For further information about our SEMH ARP, contact Nicolle Rowson (SENCO) or Michelle Connor (Deputy SENCO) via the school office.